İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 07.10.2011 | About the Interruptiıns which can be Encountered due to the ITS Infrastructure Works
Interruptions can be encountered during Friday 07.10.2011 20:00 pm and Monday 10.10.2011 08:00 am due to ITS Infrastructure works. Kindly annonced to our stakeholders.
İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 28.09.2011 | Announced to our Manufacturers
It is kindly requested from our manufacturers to make their production notifications between 20:00 – 06:00 o’clock until 01.10.2011.
İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 20.09.2011 | Announced to our Pharmacists with Great Importance
The matter that the announcement which takes place in the 16.09.2011 dated General Announcements of the Social Security Institution which is expressed as such; “If you wish you can update the option to ‘Use the ITS Dispatch Notific...
İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 14.09.2011 | Announcement on the ITS Power Interruption
To the Attention of our Stakeholders, An uninterrupted power supply back up will be made in the system room of the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System on 17.09.2011 between 02:00-04:00. Therefore the ITS web servcies will not be able to serv...
İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 10.08.2011 | Kindly Announced About the PTS Test System
On August 24, 2011 there will be a meeting held on the PTS Test System with all the IT/IS administrators of all the manufacturer and wholesalers as an extension to the meeting held on June 27, 2011. Place of Meeting: Turkish Medicines and Medi...
İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 08.08.2011 | Kindly Announced to the Software Developer Companies
To the Attention of Software Developer Companies, There will be three different meetings held under the scope of the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System conducted by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency in which the actions that ...
İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 28.06.2011 | ITS Maintenance Work
ITS will not be able to serve on 28.06.2011 during 22:00 – 00:00 due to a maintenance work.
İTS, İlaç Takip Sistemi 26.05.2011 | Notification Program for Hospitals
The program, which is able to make ITS Product Purchase Notifications which will be obtained from the PTS system or are received from the pharmaceutical wholesalers and companies, documentation and resource codes are in the attached file
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