24.04.2012 | An Important Announcement on the ITS Drug Registrations for Manufacturer Companies

It is necessary that the below stated situations have taken place for the applications via e-mail to ITS concerning the drugs which are not registered to the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System or whose registration are wrong. Otherwise the drug registration or the production notification of these drugs will not be able to be made.

  • Publishing in the IEGM 2007 Price List
  • The drug must receive an authorization of sale by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency
  • Sending the necessary document or documents to ITS if there is a change in the name and/or company
  • Information including the publication date of the IEGM Price List must be organized with the name of the drug, drug barcode (GTIN), name of the manufacturer company, GLN of the manufacturer company, importation/production information the ‘n the course of application.

We request you to display the necessary sensitivity on this topic.

Announced importantly to the drug manufacturing companies.

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