13.01.2012 | Things to do During Multiuser Support and Transition

Kindly announced to all of our Stakeholders;

The ITS user names of all our stakeholders will change after the operation done on the night of January 13. However their GLN and user passwords will definitely not change. After the stated change in user names, our stakeholders may define sub users to use ITS Services and ITS Portal Online Services and in addition may give different authorizations to each sub user.

As from January 12 2012 20:00 o’clock all services will be shut down for the operation. Thus ITS notifications will not be able to be performed during this operation. We would like to stress the point that the ITS dispatch and ITS DataMatrix Query operations on Medula which Pharmacies use to register prescriptions to the Social Security Institution will also not work during this operation.

All of our stakeholders must change their old user names to new administrator user names so that their trade does not get disrupted as of Saturday, in other words January 14, 2012 morning when our operations will end. The stakeholders which go through this process will be able to continue their work as before without needing to make any other changes. Otherwise stakeholders will receive an error code saying “HTTP Status 401 – This request requires HTTP authentication ().”

The new users, in other words the administrator users, will be composed of the GLN’s of the stakeholders following four zeros (‘0000’). That is to say, a stakeholder’s administrator user name whose GLN was “8680001000012” will change to “85800010000120000”. This user will be able to do all the operations and notifications that a stakeholder is authenticated of doing in ITS Online Services and ITS Services. As we have previously stated the GLN and passwords will not change. The four digits at the end of the user names will be given in such a manner that they will increase consequently. Thus when the “86800010000120000” administrator user creates a new sub user, the first user name to be given will be “86800010000120001” and as new sub users are added the last 4 digits will increase as follows “86800010000120002”, “86800010000120003” and so on.

The updating of the user names on the softwares are especially important for our pharmacies and hospitals so that they can make notifications. This is because the last loop of the supply chain is constituted by our pharmacies and hospitals which constitutes the greatest part of our stakeholders in terms of quantity, and the hindrance of the works of these stakeholders will directly cause the restriction of our citizens to access drugs. Therefore we wish for the sensitivity of relevant pharmacies on changing their user names so that such a problem is not experienced.

After our operation is done, our stakeholders may create new users according to the needs of their units and make the necessary authorizations. For the issue to be more comprehensible a few possible scenarios are given below.

  • The authorized person of a stakeholder of manufacturer or wholesalers may create a sub user for its product return unit and authorize it just for Product Return Services. Hence, the product return unit will not be able to make dispatch or product purchase operations which it is not authorized of making.
  •  A stakeholder which has more than one branch, may determine the operations for its separate branches (like product purchase, product return, product dispatch etc.), and only give the authorization of the specified operations to the sub users created from the “online Services”.
  •  Any stakeholder may prevent the making of ITS notifications that create harm caused by third persons who acquire the user names and passwords of the sub users of company employees who have to make ITS notifications. This may be prevented restraining the sub users from making notifications to the ITS services and only authorizing them to making operations on ITS Portal Online Services.
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